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  2. URockets — February 9, 2018
  3. What being a Neale-Wade student is all about — February 2, 2018
  4. Aspire — January 26, 2018
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Sports Day success

To continue our fine Primary Transition work this week we welcomed students from various Primary School year groups to participate in our Primary Music Festival on Tuesday. It was wonderful to talk to both staff and students who had an excellent day and commented positively upon the importance of exposure to musical opportunities at an …

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As this is the final week before half term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Academy community for all their hard over the last few weeks.  Teaching in lessons has been sharp and productive, students have been positive and determined and our parents responsive and supportive.  Thank you all so much …

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What being a Neale-Wade student is all about

For the first blog in February I would like to thank all staff and students for their hard work so far this term. January can be a tough month. Travelling to work/school in the dark and travelling home in the dark can lead to a general malaise in some, but I am glad to say …

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Already we are in the final full week of January.  I am impressed each morning that, despite the uninspiring weather our students arrive each morning with a smile on their face and are bright and cheery.  I think that it’s important to start each day in a positive frame of mind and I can tell …

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Employment skills for life

Ultimately, school provides you with the skills and qualifications that are needed in the world of work so that young people can positively contribute to society. I have great pleasure each week writing this blog to express the tremendous progress that our students make in their academic studies.  However, the “hidden curriculum” also provides fantastic …

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Working together

As this is the first blog of 2018 I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. It’s already been a productive time at the Academy with students eager to push themselves forward at this demanding time of year.  I have been speaking with many Year 13 students who are excited to be receiving …

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Christmas Concert followed by Cup Victory

For the final blog of 2017 I’d like to focus on some seasonal items.  Last Friday was our Christmas concert over at St Wendreda’s Church.  Once again, I was amazed by the standard of the musical items produced by all the students involved from Year 7 all the way to Year 13.  It is always …

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Business as usual

Today was the final day of our Pre-Public Exams (PPEs) for our Year 11 students.  I would like to say how well the year group have conducted themselves during the examination period.  The PPEs are an important period for both students and teachers as they enable both parties to highlight where there are any particular …

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Charlie Calvert wins National Award

As we move into the final month of 2017 there is certainly no decline regarding the number of fantastic achievements involving students at the Academy. On Wednesday evening I had the honour of being invited to the Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire Young Person of the Year Awards (YOPEY) in Cambridge.  Neale-Wade Academy student and local Police …

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Resilience is a  term that is being increasingly used in education.  In an age where young people are expected to achieve higher academic standards than the previous generation.  Let’s make no bones about it, current GCSE qualifications are more challenging for young people than their parents may have sat.  Elements of A Level study are …

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