Alumni work strengthens

This week saw the start of the GCSE examinations with students sitting a number of exams. Year 11 seem to very focused on the challenges that lie ahead and I have been impressed with their attitude. Morning revision classes continue as do the sessions at the end of the day. There is an extensive programme of revision planned for the half term break and during the study leave period. Whilst Year 11 do have study leave that commences next Friday (23/5/27) they’re will still sessions available during the day for those that wish to access them. There is a session tomorrow for mathematics in addition to the usual opportunity to use a quiet space to IT facilities at the Academy.

Mrs Mandley and Mrs Parks continue to work on developing our alumni programme and this saw the first session for some targeted Yesr 9 students. The session was outstanding and those involved benefited from the advice and guidance of successful former students. This work is powerful and one student stared that they ‘could see how much Neale-Wade cared about them’. This is humbling to hear and informs us that we are right to pursue a strong alumni.

I was delighted to hear that Paige Harris (Year 10) has been selected to compete in the World Kickboxing Championship that is due to held in Dublin. We are proud of Paige and wish her the best of luck in this prestigious competition that is due to take place in late June.

Year 9 sat the first of several examinations under full GCSE conditions this week as we prepare them for the rigours of the actual exams in he future. We believe that this approach will enable our students to cope better with the new 9-1 system where the focus is on terminal papers and very little coursework. The current Year 9 cohort promises much for the future and they will benefit from this week’s experience.

Once again it has been a privilege to work with the SLT of the Academy to lead Neale-Wade.

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