Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

This week saw the return of both staff and students from the summer break for the start of a new Academic Year. It was a pleasure to greet students as they entered the Academy on Wednesday morning. There were tales from the summer but, more importantly, an eagerness to attend tutor time to collect timetables, log books and find out what this year has in store with regard to new teachers, new rooms and even new subjects for some.

For the majority, a short assembly highlighting important expectations was held during tutor time before heading off to lessons. I believe that it is important to promote positive values within a community and an assembly is the perfect opportunity to bring the whole school together to hear that consistent message. The message in our first assembly was to uphold 3 key ideas:


• Integrity – this is our model of honouring your word. If we have moral purpose and high expectations and but we don’t honour them, we get nowhere. Integrity is doing what you say you’re going to do
• Respect – respect is maintained by being authentic, or true to yourself. People who display integrity tend to be respected. It is important to respect yourself, others and the learning environment that you attend each day.
• Excellence – strive to be the best that you can be. You can achieve. It is easy to say, “I can’t do this.” Just add one small word to this statement and you can do anything. It becomes, “I cannot do this yet.” This is called growth mindset.


This week I have conducted learning walks on several occasions around the Academy and there have been a myriad of examples that I have seen and experienced that display some or all of the qualities above. I look forward to sharing some of these examples and experiences with you each week in this blog.

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