Open Evening welcomes community

The main event this week at the Academy was the Year 6 Open Evening held on Thursday evening. This event highlights the impressive achievements of everyone involved in the Academy community with regard to our primary transition work.  I am proud to say that the Academy looked superb and showcased what we are about at Neale-Wade at our very best.  It was a pleasure to address well over 500 people from both our local and wider community.  Questions that I received throughout the evening from a variety of parents were well considered and forward thinking.  I was delighted to meet you all and I look forward to seeing you again when your children join us next September.

Both students and staff did an impeccable job of promoting what we do both inside and outside the classroom. All faculties were well represented and eagerly supported by hundreds of students eager to show our community the rich wealth of learning activities that they partake in each day.  I was very impressed by the confidence and maturity of both Adam Twiddy and Katie McFadden as they also addressed our entire audience, speaking with both clarity and precision.  Special mention also goes to Connor Johnson for his impressive work in Student Welfare who displayed particularly high levels of empathy and integrity towards everyone who visited that particular facility.  Special thank you to Mrs Copeland for organising the whole evening, as ever we all appreciate the superhuman effort required to run an event of this magnitude.

Sporting success continued with Y7 girls netball who played with confidence throughout the whole game against Ely and tried their very best despite the score line. There were many fantastic interceptions from Peggy Thulbury and Leah Connolly. Whilst Skye Wyse and Chloe Richardson hardly missed a shot. Woman of the Match – Leah Connolly.

Also in netball, Year 9 girls beat Ely 19-1 as the application of what the students have been learning in lessons and during training was evident during their fixture. The girls communicated well, whilst encouraging each other to improve all the time to ensure they were successful in the shooting D. The defensive play from the whole team was strong, whilst there were minimal errors from the year 9 students. This was the best netball performance from the Academy’s teams so far this season. Woman of the Match – Sophie Hunt.

The Year 7 boys rugby team continued their unbeaten start to the season with a 35-15 victory over Ely College. From kick off NWA asserted their dominance with strong running from Charlie Howe who scored a hat trick. There was some excellent defensive work by all of the team, but the standout player was Aiden Grey who made some earth shattering tackles.  Well done to all the boys. 3 down, 5 to go.

Finally, congratulations to all involved with the “Wear Blue and Gold Day” to support the My Shining Star event. Overall we raised over £800.  Thank you goes to Mr Page for his excellent effort in informing everyone in the Academy of this worthwhile cause and to the determination and respect displayed by all students that took part.

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