Today the Academy held its Remembrance Day service in recognition of those who have served in the Armed Forces. Members of the ex-service community were invited in to the Academy to join in our remembrance supported by students representing the various cadet branches in the local area.  As ever, the service was conducted in impeccable fashion and is a poignant reminder to the core ideal of respect, not just on a local but also global scale.  We must remember the sacrifices made by those involved have provided opportunities for those that remain in the future.  Our work with young people on a daily basis is a constant reminder to us of the opportunities that have been provided and we must relentlessly strive to make sure that they are maximised.


One such opportunity was our Post 16 Open Evening held on Thursday evening. Once again the main hall was filled with a couple of hundred people listening to our advice guidance and offers for Post 16 study at the Academy.  It was a pleasure to personally talk to numerous parents on the evening and help with the decision making process.  I was extremely impressed with the hard work displayed by both staff and students throughout the evening.  The positive buzz from all involved was both encouraging and appreciated.


Psychology department took a group of year 10 and year 12 students to The University of Warwick to a ‘Psychology in Action – Power of the Mind’ event last Tuesday. This event gave students the opportunity to listen to people working in the field of psychology talk about what they do and how they use psychology in their work. All enjoyed the talk on ‘Deceiving the mind’ by Matt Pritchard, Scientist and Magician. This lecture clearly showed the links between perception, memory and attention and magic. Students were impressed that many of the points Matt Pritchard discussed, they had been taught in their Psychology lessons, not the magic tricks though!  Another excellent lecture was that of ‘Happiness and the Rhythm of Life’ by Peter Lovatt, from University of Hertfordshire. He is a psychologist and former professional dancer and enjoys using dance in his psychology research. This lecture clearly proved his theory that dance can improve your mood, when he had everyone up dancing and ensured everyone left happy.  This event helped the students understand the many different routes studying psychology can take you and hopefully inspired some of our students to become future psychology experts!

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