Charlie Calvert wins National Award

As we move into the final month of 2017 there is certainly no decline regarding the number of fantastic achievements involving students at the Academy.

On Wednesday evening I had the honour of being invited to the Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire Young Person of the Year Awards (YOPEY) in Cambridge.  Neale-Wade Academy student and local Police Cadet, Charlie Calvert had made it through to the final round of this prestigious national award.  In a very tense final award ceremony we were treated to ten wonderful accounts about young people who had really made a difference in their local communities.  Each of the young people involved had, truly, made an outstanding contribution in their own way but I take great pleasure in announcing that Charlie Calvert won the overall award and is the Cambridgeshire Junior Young Person of the Year for 2017.  I am very conscious that Charlie’s achievements are a genuine combination of his own positive personal qualities but also shaped when families, schools and local groups such as the Police Cadets work together to achieve the same positive outcomes.  Very well done, Charlie.  Everyone at the Academy is very proud of you and we look forward to your future success.  Further details of Charlie’s contributions can be found on our website at:


A distinct theme of the evening was the overwhelmingly positive effect that young people have on society as a whole as witnessed by all who had received a nomination in the country this year.  As highlighted during the ceremony, by YOPEY themselves and their associated sponsors in the business world, they continue to be disappointed by the negative portrayal of young people in the media in general and asked all involved to continue to challenge these negative, base stereotypes.  I have the privilege of working with several organisations who do operate to benefit young people and I am hopeful that I will have some exciting news that will be of benefit both to the young people of the Academy and a section of our community.  I will definitely continue to seek to mobilise young people to do good.  It’s always better to actively make a difference rather than criticise from afar.

I would also like to mention the Girls’ Under 13 football team who, despite a narrow 1-0 defeat in the Nation Cup this week, impressed me greatly when I had the great pleasure of being able to see them play this week.  After having gone 1-0 down in the first half the girls showed tremendous resilience and determination until the final whistle.  They were unfortunate on a number of occasions as shots from the Neale-Wade team whistled past crossbars and posts or were saved by the opposition goalkeeper.  At the final whistle there was a rousing “three cheers” from both teams and, despite the defeat, the girls were proud of their performance.   Like after any defeat or disappointment we adopt a growth mind set.  We go again.

Finally, remember next Friday we are holding our “Bobble Hat Day” to raise money for Scotty’s Little Soldiers.  In the evening, at St. Wendreda’s Church, is our annual Christmas Concert which begins at 6:30pm.  Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday.

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