We Love Reading

It has been an exciting week at the Academy as we see the return of our students for their first full week after the summer break. It have enjoyed welcoming both staff and students back and have been impressed with the enthusiasm displayed by all involved. I would like to focus this week on the critical aspect of reading.


The strategies used to encourage teenage children remain the same as from ages 8 to 11. However, a whole world of exciting fiction opens up to them allowing the exploration of complex feelings in a safe environment. In turn, this is the age where some children can become reluctant readers and it is vital for parents to find out why this is the case for their own child. Reading may be regarded as not being “cool” so try to encourage reading based on hobbies and interests which could include movies and videogames. Investigate whether there are books based upon the storylines of the films and stories that they have enjoyed. Biographies of film and sports stars are other possibilities.


Another strategy is to make reading a habit in the household. Reading material such as magazines are excellent to get people in the habit of picking up something to read and can establish interest in more formal reading opportunities. We should remember that reading is an enjoyable activity and should not be an activity that is forced upon the reader. Ideally, let your children see yourself reading as this lets them see that reading is enjoyable and that you find it worthwhile. If you’re reading a sporting biography, then leave it lying around if you think your child may find it interesting. It may pique their curiosity.


Finally, be patient as you find the book that is suitable for your teenage child. Whether, it’s a fantasy adventure or a gritty, realistic novel covering adult issues we all have our own tastes and moods that can fluctuate over time. Be persistent and encourage their love of reading.


Enjoy your weekend.

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