Art and creativity to be exhibited

Public examinations continue this week with students hard at work in our various exam rooms across all of their subjects. As coursework has become diminished in importance over the last couple of years it is sometimes easy to forget how practical work, in subjects such as art, has to be completed over the time of a GCSE course.


It has been a pleasure this week to look at a variety of sketch books from our Year 11 students to see how their work has developed over the length of the course and appreciate, not just the skill, but the hours of time that is put into creating genuinely beautiful pieces of art. I have been particularly impressed with the progress that our students have made in their art studies over the last couple of years and I could tell that they had all been on a journey as I pored over the pages of individuals’ sketch books. I am eagerly anticipating our GCSE Art Exhibition, featuring all of this fine work, which will be on show next week.


Speaking to several of the students many are keen to pursue a career linked with art. Long deemed a career that does not reap financial benefit, art most definitely fits into the modern world and is certainly a subject that supports successful career minded people. Students express interest in careers as multimedia designers and digital artists highlighting that the global audience is out there. Similarly, art work sold via the internet continues to follow an upward trend reaching large markets. Those with an artistic bias can be an asset in any job offering a wider skillset than most. Finally, in the current climate where mental health is high on the political agenda then art can have a stimulating effect upon a person’s outlook on many different aspects of life. I was excited talking to young people with so many exciting thoughts and ideas that it makes the exam process seem all worth the while.


Well done everyone, keep working hard and aiming high.

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