Progress for all is key to success

At the end of our first full week of the year we had a statutory fire drill and I was very pleased with the way both the students and staff responded. The entire building was cleared within 3 minutes and approximately 2000 people safety made their way out to the marshalling areas. We planned the drill for 3.10 to ensure that there was a little disruption to teaching as possible.


This week I have spent a great deal of time looking at the learning that is taking place at both Neale-Wade and Burrowmoor Primary School. I have been impressed with the planning of lessons and the commitment to providing the very best learning experiences for children at both establishments. Ms Henderson (Head of Burrowmoor School) is leading some excellent changes and the enthusiasm of the staff is great to see. The children at the school are all very happy and this is mirrored at Neale-Wade. The new government legislation is very welcome as the focus continues to be on all students making as much progress as they can in every lesson.


Year 7 students have settled very well and I observed how well they conducted themselves during break and lunchtime. It is important to remember that schools must educate the whole person and the softer skills of working together and showing kindness and support are equally as important as the academic aspects of schooling.


At the other end of the spectrum our sixth form students continue to be a real strength of the Academy. Year 13 are flourishing and the new Year 12 students made a great impression on Mr Gary Piele the CEO of our sponsors The Active Learning Trust. I look forward to watching them develop throughout the year.


Several of our students have been selected to be part of an English Cricket Board promotional video. They will part of video that highlights a new piece of cricket equipment that helps to develop bowling technique. Thanks must go to Mr Kenning for organising this opportunity.


We are currently looking at our extra-curricular timetable and we hope to publish the full programme of revision sessions and other opportunities next week. Now that the teaching staff have settled into the new academic year they are now in a position to offer the usual wealth of opportunities that we offered previously. I can confirm that early morning mathematics sessions will start on Monday 14 September with a free breakfast provided at 7.45am and a prompt start to Mrs Bains’ (Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning) lesson at 8.00am.


It has been a fantastic week for me personally as the Executive Headteacher and I look forward to seeing the 2000 students across both schools develop and make progress this year.



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