JLT Blog – By Maddeline Pooley

These past few weeks have seen a lot happen at Neale-Wade. With the return of students after the half term came the start of the February PPE’s. They continue, and allow us to see our progress in lessons. PIXL examinations for some of our students mean that they can compare their achievements with those of students all over the country.
Thursday the second of March demonstrated the creativity of our sixth form students and some teachers, as many attended their daily lessons dressed as their favourite book characters, in order to raise money for Book Aid International. The English department modelled some fantastic costumes and lead the school in a fantastic day of fundraising.
The sixth formers have also been raising money for the Sixth Form funds, and this terms form time challenge has students organising fundraising events. One of the next big events is the Lip Sync Battle on the twenty-eighth of March, for which tickets have been on sale recently.
The recent games of the sports teams have shown excellent skill and sportsmanship. We are incredibly proud of all who took part and the maturity they continue to show.
Maddeline Pooley

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